• Solange and Dawn Richard Collab Lit

    Why a Solange x Dawn Richard Collabs Would Be Beyond Lit!

    After coming across a photo of Solange and Dawn Richard in my Instagram feed, I immediately thought to myself, “Wow, that would be a dope ass collab!” Of course I made sure to write comment along with several other fans following Dawn’s page. Solange and Dawn Richard should collab on a track or album because […]

  • pexels-photo-923229

    5 Actions to Get Back Behind the Wheel & on Track to Reaching Your New Year Goals

    Many of us started the new year with overwhelming positivity and every intention of introducing new life habits like, working out more and becoming more productive. You know, those new year goals. However, many of us struggle to see our goals through for the year. In my own experience, it boils down to two reasons […]

  • accessories-afro-beautiful-935985

    7 Tips for Black and Brown Women to Elevate as Creators

    Hey! So, I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but I am back and here with 7 Tips for Women of Color to Elevate. A large part of the reason why I’ve been away is because I launched a new leg of Dekit and that’s Afro Rhythm and Beats. With Afro R&B I host […]


    Your feelings? Not responsible for your feelings says Jully Black

    This snap shot of Jully Black setting Jeanne Beker straight in regards to her feelings and the experience of indigenous Canadians is so real. Black women have always been made to feel like they are “too aggressive” or “angry” when speaking the truth or their experience. This is how you handle these situations when someone […]

  • The Black Panther movie King of Wakanda by Eddie Holly

    What Every Woman Can Learn from The Black Panther Movie

    The Black Panther Movie captures the strength, reverence and grace of woman living in their zone. In The Black Panther’s Wakanda the women came through and we’re instrumental in every way.  Hello, that’s because we are! It’s just a powerful medley of mutual respect and expression of love throughout the film. This is what I […]