A Powerful Personal Mantra


What’s a personal mantra?

A personal mantra is an affirmation to focus your attention to goals you are looking to achieve. It is a statement or a phrase that motivates and re-energizes you and acts as a reminder for what you want.

How does it help to have a personal mantra?

Many of us, including my self sometimes feel stagnate and even though our purpose, influence and impact are important to us we need something to keep us moving forward. “JUST DEKIT” is the mantra and can take on whatever meaning you need at the time, such as “f@*k it,” “Let’s do you!,” or “Hit them with the business!” I WON’T state the obvious. But, JUSTDEKIT™  simply means take action and do it with no excuses.

JUST DEKIT™ is particularly for the women of color who values purpose, influence and impact. She loves her some art and admires creativity. She might even be an artist or entrepreneur. By no means is she perfect and that is hella dope to her. A work in progress, she loves herself, is committed to living her best life and finds motivation from the special people in her life.

Art, expression and creativity provides us with unique opportunities to realize a life of purpose, own our influence and amplify our impact. – Stephanie Harris

So, when doubt enters your mind, JUST DEKIT! When you’re feeling stuck in your tracks, JUST DEKIT! When you feel like giving up, think about a profound creator who has lived their purpose, owned their influence and how they’ve amplified their impact in the world with their ideas and resilience. You must do it too. JUST DEKIT!

Dekit creates content aimed at provoking expansion, introspection and growth. We use art and creators as the tools to open dialogues about various topics, to explore different dimensions, perspectives and to disrupt some comfort zones.

Sounds deep, right? We will be talking a lot shit too. We are not one dimensional, right? So yeah, there are going to be levels to this sis!

JUST DEKIT ladies! Follow us on ig: @justdekit

Founder, Work in Progress

ps. I’ll be venting sometimes. One word, Trump. *sigh*