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  • Be Strong artwork by Tiffany Glenn

    Tiffani Glenn’s Artwork Shows Black Women’s Character

    Meet creator Tiffani Glenn who is a mother, a wife and an amazing artist, capturing the energy and range of black women of different walks of life. We got an exlcusive interview with Mrs. Glenn touch on her work, the things that inspire her and the stories she likes to share through her work. First […]

  • Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It #justdekit

    Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have it,” We Gotta Have A Season 2 of Nola Darling

    Can I tell you how much I enjoyed Spike Lee’s  remake of “She’s Gotta Have it,” showing on Netflix? I watched it in one sitting, despite having tons of other things I should have been doing. Nola Darling played by Dewanda Wise is my new favorite person, hands down! If you haven’t seen it, find […]

  • How do you find your #blackgirlmagic as a grown ass woman?

    How do you find your #blackgirlmagic as a grown ass woman?

    As a grown as woman, do you ever find my yourself looking for your #blackgirlmagic? I do. Growing up, the black girl magic hashtag  definitely didn’t exist and particularly, the celebration of our potential and gifts on such a wide scale wasn’t a prominent thing. And when I initially, came to know the black girl […]

  • Photo: Billboard

    Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts or Lack Thereof

    ​DJ Khalid’s sampling of “Maria, Maria” for his new track “Wild Thoughts,” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller leaves more to desire. It’s clear that the memorable summer hit song “Maria, Maria” made by Carlos Santa, Wyclef and The Product G&B had what “Wild Thoughts” lacks and that’s substance…aka soul. In addition to Santa’s sultry guitar […]

  • A powerful personal mantra

    A powerful personal mantra

      What’s a mantra? Many of us, including my self sometimes feel stagnate and even though our purpose, influence and impact are important to us we need something to keep us moving forward. “JUST DEKIT” is the mantra and can take on whatever meaning you need at the time, such as “f@*k it,” “Let’s do […]


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